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Character of Mine

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Character of Mine Empty Character of Mine

Post  DarkCat on Mon Feb 24, 2014 8:34 pm

Female Character

weighs: 124
Height: 5"6
Appearance: Both has ebony Straight  colored Long  hair and   green eyes with long eye lashes. she the appearance of a doll and look alot liek older twin sister  Lunie who more playful and less serious than her but her eye color is different from her sister along the fact that her sister more  lean than her.

Personality: Gale is a bookworm who love to read hate being disturb she also has a hatred for guys and loves to kick their butt daily but tend not to. she more quiet and calm unlike Lunie who very hyper and crazy and often say that she never related to lunie  in anyways.She dresses in Gothic fashion wearing a stud or bullet belt. She love to wear  Corset and leather pant or black pants with  all sort of piercing. She has her  nose lip and ear  pierce  

Lunie is party animal who very talkative and love to hangout she is a nuisance to her sister and enjoy pulling prank on her to piss her off. Lunie is very popular and is outgoing compared to her sister and is also very gullible as well. she very girlish and dresses in bright color and surfer like unlike her sister who more Gothic and bland (as she called it)

History: Lunie and Gale are  two children who were  born to the demon lord and a human. Their father was banish for  almost destroying humanity and falling in love with a human and was never heard from any of the girls. Their mother died providing for them their force to live with their Aunt and her Husband who live the fancy life and get them everything they ever wanted. but it never enough for them. they still curious about many thing including about their father who don't know of.Hope to find him

Guys: coming soon


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