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How do you...

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How do you... Empty How do you...

Post  witch98 on Wed Nov 27, 2013 11:34 am

Okay... I'm new here!

How do you post things... like yourself? Start new things, new posts? Not comments...
How do you chat?

And what else can you do and how?

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How do you... Empty Re: How do you...

Post  Wolves-Rule1 on Fri Nov 29, 2013 8:29 pm

Hello there. Nice to see someone on the site. Now when you go into there roleplay forum there are different places to roleplay, click on one of them. Fantasy, animal etc. And at the top of the forum you click new topic. And you just make the roleplay you wish to start. Now as far as chat what do you mean. Do you mean the chat box of the chat forum?

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