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Updated: New Rules

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Updated: New Rules  Empty Updated: New Rules

Post  administrator bailey. on Sun Feb 03, 2013 3:28 pm

Rules are found on every website, whether they are listed for you or not. This site does have rules that we expect you to follow, even if you believe the rule is unfair. We will make sure these rules do not prevent you from roleplaying the way you feel most comfortable with.

Guard and I made this site for roleplayers to go to if they don't know where else to go. It is a safe environment that is intended to welcome everyone; no matter race, sexuality, gender, etc. Please try your best to keep this site a safe and fair environment for everyone who joins.

The rules are below are required to be read. They apply to everyone, even Guard and I. If you see a rule that you deem as unfair, want to be added, or edited, please PM one of the admins.

For All Members

1. I understand that you're going to fight with people. We all have our moments where we fight with people. I'm not banning fighting, but simply asking that you think about what you say to others before you say it. There a simple ways to resolve fighting, so please think of those ways before it gets out of hand.

2. Contrary to being loose on the fighting, if any threats of any kind are given out, there will be consequences.

3. If anything happens that you are concerned about; if it threatens your safety, your friends, or any of us, please message an Admin or Mod for them to help you out.

4. Your signature may be no longer than your index finger. If you put your finger up to the screen and your signature exceeds the length of it, it is too long. If you're not sure if your signature is too long, just ask an Admin, Mod, or Mini-Mod and we can help you out.

5. Profile pictures may not be too big either. When you upload the profile picture, if you find it stretched the page or is unreasonably long please change it. If you aren't sure if your profile picture is too big feel free to contact an Admin, Mod, or Mini-Mod about it and we will help you out.

6. It has come to my attention that some roleplays are more advanced and mature than others. If you intend for your roleplay to allow things like sex, drug use, etc, PLEASE PUT A RATING AT THE TOP OF YOUR ROLEPLAY. So, basically, if you're allowing this stuff, put the rating R or M.

7. Now on to a big topic; sex (otherwise known as fades to black). When two characters are about to have sex, we usually want them to use fades to black after removal of shirt. Older members have come on this site, now. We realize that we need to open up rules for everyone, make this site open for all ages besides kids. So, yes, I guess you could say roleplaying sex is allowed. THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU CAN MAKE SEX BASED ROLEPLAYS, SEX SLAVE, ETC. Those are not going to be tolerated, ever. You must put a warning at the top of your post, big enough for people to see.

8. You may not spam people's ask box with PM's asking them to join your roleplay. You may only do this if you're inviting them to a private roleplay.

9. You are not allowed to advertise your roleplaying site anywhere, unless done in chat box. And if you do in chat box, do not spam the chat with the link.

For Chat Box Moderators, Mini-Mods, Moderators, and Admins

10. If there was previous fighting in the chat box then ABSOLUTE NO CLEARING OF THE CHAT BOX, UNLESS DONE BY AN ADMIN, IS ALLOWED. If you do erase the chatbox (after always checking the archives) and there was fighting, please tell the Admins.

11. If you make a huge change to the site, please talk to the other Admins, Mods, and/or Mind Mods before doing so. If you have most of their agreement, you may do what you want.

12. You are not allowed to ban or suspend a member without talking to all the Admins first.

13. NO TOPICS CAN EVER BE DELETED UNLESS THERE WAS EXPLICIT CONTENT OR FIGHTING IN IT. They can be moved to Roleplay Archives if they are inactive but if someone requests for their roleplay to be returned you must put it back. They may not be deleted because the writing on the roleplay, even if it isn't much or very good, may be important to someone.

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